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‎’What’s On / What’s Been On’ hot off the press!

As some of you may have noticed on our website, we’ve been in talks about starting a new magazine in Durham. We can now announce that this comes in the form of a listings and review magazine for independent and interesting events. You can pick it up here at Rocking Horse Rehearsal Rooms and from select bars, clubs and shops in town NOW!

Room 1 Artwork By Rat Pasty

Rat Pasty Room 1

Some of you may have noticed some artwork in one of our rehearsal rooms. Well, anyone who has been in Room 1 will have noticed it. Its been a work in progress over the last few months, with the ideas morphing into something that we love. It’s been finished for a good few weeks now and the photo’s have now been posted on Rat Pasty’s blog.

You should not only check out the Rocking Horse Rehearsal Room wall but also make a cup of tea, sit back and have a look through his other work as well. Its all good stuff!!


2 Hours Free Deal Back Till End Of August!

We have hit 200 Facebook Fans! As a result we’re going to resurrect our recommend a friend for 2 hours free rehearsal deal until the end of August!!

Recommend us to your friends and get 2 hours free practise. To claim the free hours, make sure your friend’s band write YOUR name and/or band name in the ‘where did you hear about us’ section on the membership form. Band’s can only be recommended by 1 person/band. Members only*. Unfortunately if you’re in more than one band, you can’t recommend your other band. Unlimited recommendations per member. Offer until the end of August only.

* Are you a member? If you’ve practised at Rocking Horse and have filled out the membership form, then yes you are.


Rat Pasty, AKA Carlo from Empty Shop came down a couple of days after Clive Aid and took photo’s of the artwork that was created on the night. We are very pleased with the results. You can view the rest of the photo’s at Empty Shops website. Also, if you would like to see them in person, please feel free to pop down to Rocking Horse Rehearsal Rooms or pop your head in while your rehearsing.



On Friday 5th August we are starting Gluefactory, a monthly night at the Fish Tank!!

Featuring live music from up and coming local bands and select Rocking Horse dj’s. Hopefully we can transfer the vibe of our previous Rocking Horse opening parties to the Fish Tank. If so this could be the start of something good for Durham.

This month we have live music from Club Of Rome (who smashed Clive Aid earlier this month) and The Girl From Winter Jargon plus dj’s playing late into the night.

If you would like to perform at Gluefactory please email us at and include links to your music.

You can also check out the Gluefactory Facebook page here.


Clive Aid Photos

You can now see Clive Aid photo’s here






If anyone has any other photo’s could you please upload them here. Thanks.

Clive Aid Line Up

Recording Studio Opening Party.

******* FREE EVENT ******* BYOB ******* OH YEAH *******

Bands/Live: Zadok, Club of Rome, Ronnie The Hat, cornuTe, Jim John
DJ’s: Zero dB, Lazy Dave, Richard Combstock, Nick Maylan
Artists: Brucey, Paul X Johnson, Rat Pasty, Morning Skyrail

We really hope you can make it!


Please see Clive Aid for more details and check out the flyer below.



Recording Studio is Now Open.


Some exciting news for all bands wanting quality recording at a reasonable price:

Our recording studio is now officially open. You can check out the studio here and Neil Combstock (aka. Frank de Jojo, Zero dB and The Oki Bass), our in house sound engineer’s CV here.

We look forward to seeing you there!

For more information please phone 0191 3860595 or email

Clive Aid

Rocking Horse Rehearsal Rooms invite you to a very special event to celebrate the opening of their new recording studio in Durham city. There’s a whole host of amazing shit going on including live music, live drawing, DJs and a very special collaborative recording of Band Aid’s ‘Do they know it’s christmas?’ which we’d like to invite anyone and everyone to participate in!

If you’re a musician come down in the afternoon to record your part of the song which will act as a backing track for every person who attends the party to lay down a vocal on that most famous of charity singles. Consider yourself an aspiring star? This event could be for you! A drunk who likes to hog the mic? This event is DEFINITELY for you!

Don’t forget this will be professionally mastered in the brand new recording studio so remember to make friends with Rocking Horse Rehearsal Rooms or Empty Shop on facebook to find out when it’s available to download!

More details announced as and when but if you know someone called Clive who’s in need of a bit of help point him in Clive Aid’s direction!

Check out the Clive Aid facebook page for more information, such as confirmation of bands, as it happens.

Is your name Clive?

Is your name Clive? Empty Shop would like to hear from you!