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Are you a musician or in a band? Empty Shop are building a database to use in their programming. If you want to play interesting venues and shows get yourself on this list. Promoters, if you are keen to use their venue get in touch…

Community Music Durham Meeting – Empty Shop HQ – Thursday 10th January 7.30pm

Community Music Durham have a meeting this Thursday to discuss the project. It will be at 7.30pm at Empty Shop HQ plus your welcome to join them in durham for a few drinks after if you like.

What is Community Music Durham?

“A new musical initiative to create a musical community at the heart of Durham. A place for bands and musicians to share influences, ideas and music. Plus with regular meet ups anyone can turn up and have ago at playing with other musicians. Providing a place for musicians to meet and network with each other, form bands and write music. The creative hub of Durham city. For more information message us or email”

More info

Atic Atac’s Dec 21st Survivors Xmas Party! – Zero dB / Lazy Dave – Fishtank – 21st December, 10pm – Free


Bring your burnt out carcasses to the Post Apocalyptic Atic Atac Xmas party for some Hip Hop / Funk / Jazz / Reggae / Dub / Bass.

Mayans are more than welcome!

DJ’s: Zero dB (Ninja Tune Records / Roast potatoes and Brussels Sprouts) Lazy Dave (Head Unit / Turkey and Stuffing).

Note. Depending on which time zone the end of the world actually kicks off in, Atic Atac are not responsible for the mis-advertising of ‘this event. We may actually be in a pre or current apocalyptic situation.


Mid Life Crisis Tour

22th December – The Angel

Atic Atac – We Are All Mixed / Zero dB / Lazy Dave / Mark Springfield – Fishtank – 16th November – 9pm – Free


Rocking Horse’s Atic Atac returns with live music from We Are All Mixed (feat Boika Esteban from Remaking Europe).

DJ’s Zero dB (Ninja Tune Records) and Lazy Dave (Head Unit/Polybius).

Hip Hop / Funk / Reggae / Jazz / Soul / Dub / Bass

**Live music will be over by 11pm so get down early!**


This Then Recorded Live At Jam Jah 24.08.12

In August Rocking Horse recorded a live set from regulars “This Then” at Jam Jah in Durham, we’ve uploaded a video playlist of the gig onto youtube, here it is.

Jam Jah featuring The Warm Digits / Zeerox / This Then – Arlington House – Friday, 23 November – 8pm

JJ’S back with the mighty machine funk kraut-a-delic sound of ‘The Warm Digits’

Also featuring live sets from Rocking Horse’s very own ‘Zeerox’ & ‘This Then’ & Jam Jah dj selections.
More info coming soon……


SFxDHxLS – NYE 2012 – feat. Ace Bushy Striptease / Martha / T-Shirt Weather – Fishtank – 31st December – 9pm – Pay what you like!

Shit’s Freaky Club x Discount Horse Records x Liquid Swords present:

A New Years Eve Party at the Fishtank –

Live Music from

Ace Bushy Striptease (Birmingham)
Noisy Indiepop favourites return to Durham to give 2012 a well deserved kick down the stairs. They just brought out a new album too and it’s mint Weather (Durham)
Probably the reason that the Mayans thought the world would end this year. Lo-fi pop punk from Neville’s Cross. They might even have a new single out.

Martha (Pity Me)
DIY punks, Martha will be seeing in 2013 with an extra special secret set.

DJs til very late

Shit’s Freaky Club DJs – smatterings of everything
New Ocean Waves – punk and pop
Liquid Swords – Hip Hop etc.

9pm til next year – Pay what you like!

James Adair: Using Any Means Necessary – 17 Claypath Contemporary Art Space – 26th Oct – 3rd Nov – Free

Using Any Means Necessary- A new Solo Exhibition by James Adair at Durham’s new Contemporary Arts Space. (Located In The former Durham City Council Housing Offices)

Using Any Means Necessary

James Adair is an Artist based in Durham city. Since 2010 he has used painting, montage and drawing to explore the conflict in Northern Ireland; a conflict euphemistically referred to as “The Troubles”.

Using Any Means Necessary is a selection of work from this period marking two milestones; the conclusion of this phase of Adair’s exploration and the centenary of “The Ulster Covenant”.

The Ulster Covenant Signed on the 28th of September 1912 by half a million people, including Adair’s Great Grandfather,was an act of defiance against the state, But it was no breakaway movement. On the contrary they wanted Ulster to remain part of the United Kingdom and were prepared in “… using all means which may be found necessary” to remain citizens of the United Kingdom.

This signing of the Covenant was a robust response to the conferral of home rule on what was then a unified Ireland. Within a decade of the signing, the British Government relented to the wishes of the majority of both the North and South, with Northern Ireland therein remaining part of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland gaining Independence.

The Northern Ireland we see now is one largely at peace. Adair however grew up in a turbulent Northern Ireland with thousands losing their lives in the complex conflict.This exhibition is a result of 3 years work for Adair and a century long journey for Ireland. It contains snapshots of times, places and people and is intended as an emotional and artistic representation of a history best described as “troubled”.

More info

Jam Jah featuring featuring ‘Rob Heron & the Teapad Orchestra – Alington House – Friday, 26 October – £5

JJ is very proud to announce a return visit from the amazing Rob Heron & the Teapad Orchestra, breezing in at the end of their uk tour.

They play an eclectic and original musical brew of 1930’s swing, gypsy jazz, hokum blues, cajun, and country, all with similar themes of debauchery, dandyism, disasters and drink.

Previous visits have absolutely torn the roof off, do not miss this band!

More info coming very soon!

Pllus Jam Jah dj selections-dub funk reggae afro & beyond…..


Substance crew & their skanky panky goings on. Expect all things bassline

As ever the high quality, low cast Jam Jah Bah, for all you drinks snacks & refreshments.

Bring your dancing shoes!

£5 on the door

Facebook event