Rocking Horse Rehearsal Rooms

Ronnie The Hat logo

As soon as I started listening to Ronnie The Hat and the psychedelic sounds coming out of the speakers I knew what direction I wanted to go in for this logo. I tried various different types of hat to fit the psychedelic lettering in but, as none of them were working, thought it best to make my own shape hat, looking like it had been morphed in an acid trip. Warping the letters into shape was more fun than I expected and I would like the chance to do it again.

The face is Ronnie’s own and I added an oversized beard to give the logo more symmetry, adding mushrooms and other textures for added effect.

You can hear Ronnie The Hat’s music here

Here’s a few different versions of the final design to be used in different print and online environments. Please click the images for more information.

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