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Rat Pasty Wall Drawing in Room 1

Rat Pasty Room 1

Our new Rat Pasty painting in Room 1. OK, its been up for a month or so now, so a load of you will have already seen it. That doesn’t stop us loving it and wanting to shout about it!! You can find more Rat Pasty at his blog

And you can see a work in progress here

Room 1 Artwork By Rat Pasty

Rat Pasty Room 1

Some of you may have noticed some artwork in one of our rehearsal rooms. Well, anyone who has been in Room 1 will have noticed it. Its been a work in progress over the last few months, with the ideas morphing into something that we love. It’s been finished for a good few weeks now and the photo’s have now been posted on Rat Pasty’s blog.

You should not only check out the Rocking Horse Rehearsal Room wall but also make a cup of tea, sit back and have a look through his other work as well. Its all good stuff!!



Rat Pasty, AKA Carlo from Empty Shop came down a couple of days after Clive Aid and took photo’s of the artwork that was created on the night. We are very pleased with the results. You can view the rest of the photo’s at Empty Shops website. Also, if you would like to see them in person, please feel free to pop down to Rocking Horse Rehearsal Rooms or pop your head in while your rehearsing.