Rocking Horse Rehearsal Rooms

Rehearsal Recording only £30

Need a demo CD to send out to venues for booking gigs, but are not quite ready for the studio? For only £30 on top of your room hire we offer a rehearsal recording service to our bands use as either a demo or to listen back to how well (or how badly!) your practise went.

Each of our 4 rehearsal rooms is fitted with a 24 channel mic box which provides the potential to record from any room directly into the Recording Studio/Control Room. We will mic up everything as if it’s a live gig, i.e. kick, snare, bass, guitars and vocals direct to the studio (using DI boxes), but you’ll still be able to rehearse using the PA for vocals. This enables us to record better high quality rehearsal recordings! We’ve also created a ready to load template in Logic to make the whole editing/mixing process a lot quicker after your rehearsal. Those recordings can then be checked after the practise session is complete and edited to separate tracks (if required).

You will then be presented with a CD (or multiple CDs if required) of the recordings along with an MP3 version to download via a link (if required).

We will mic up the room with high quality recording equipment and patch it through to our studio. All the bands so far have been very pleased with the outcome. We’ve uploaded some of the recordings to Soundcloud which you can check out above. All you need to do is tell us you want to record when you book your rehearsal and we’ll make sure your room is mic’d up for your arrival.


£30 per session

Please let us know well in advance if you require a rehearsal recording due to the extra time required to set up mics and recording equipment.