Rocking Horse Rehearsal Rooms

Rehearsal Rooms

The new Rocking Horse will have 5 rehearsal rooms, all constructed to our “room within a room” formula, where walls and ceilings have an inner and outer shell completely isolated from each other for minimum resonant transferal.  They are acoustically treated using a combination of bass traps and angled walls to reduce reflective frequencies, we believe our hard work has resulted in some of the best sounding rehearsal rooms around.

The room sizes range from the spacious Room 1, which can accommodate bands of any size, down to our low cost smaller rooms which are suitable for up to 4 band members.  Each room has it’s own sonic characteristics, many of our regular customers  have a room preference,  but each one is someones favourite.

All are fitted with professional standard PA’s, microphones and drum kits as part of your room hire.  Amplifiers, cabs and drum breakables are also available to hire if required (see our equipment list  for available gear and prices).

We also have a huge supply of cables of all types from mp3 connectors to XLR and spare guitar cables if yours is faulty, we even have a few guitar straps lying around which seem to get a lot of use.

Each room’s electricity is independently supplied, thus eliminating external electrical noise and interference, with plenty of power points/sockets and extensions for your gear (no hearing the local taxi rank or vocals from from another room through your guitar amp).

All our equipment has been certified by Durham PAT testing, the rooms are all ventilated and conform to fire regulations with sensors, alarms and extinguishers fitted.

For easier loading in and out, all of our rooms are located at street level with stair-free access to our large private car park just yards away.


Leave the room as you found it. ie:

Toms, hi-hat, wingnuts and felts etc. all returned on the drums.

All amps, mics, breakables, cables, clutch and anything else borrowed returned to the office/studio.

Clear away all rubbish into the bins.

Shut BOTH doors

We have spent a lot of money on sound proofing the rooms. The design requires BOTH doors to be shut or the sound proofing won’t work. We have been given guidelines from the council on how much sound we can leak, so your co-operation with this is necessary.

Please be packed up and out of the room on time

You have paid to hire the room for the allotted time, NOT to rehearse until the end of that time. There are often bands waiting to come in straight after you and it’s not fair on them if you go over into their booked time. Please allow 10 minutes to pack your gear away.

If you would like an extra hour please ask and we’ll let you know if the room is available.

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