Rocking Horse Rehearsal Rooms


Durham City 2011-2023.

Converted from an old rocking horse factory (hence the name), our doors opened in Durham City in February 2011 with just two small rehearsal rooms. Over the years, we grew to 5 rehearsal rooms and a recording studio, becoming an important cog in the wheel of the North East music scene with bands of all genres, ages and abilities using our facilities.

A new beginning in Coxhoe November 2023…..

After over 12 years at our Durham City site, our landlords decided to demolish the building, meaning that we had no choice but to relocate. After a year of searching we finally found a perfect location in Coxhoe. We have plenty of free parking and ground floor access, much like the old site. However, the new rooms are larger, with more indoor communal space and improved facilities. Our hope is that the new building will retain the same friendly atmosphere and help the local music scene to continue to thrive.