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Mobile Phone Reception

Rocking Horse now has a mobile phone signal booster in the studio which finally means people should be able to get a reception! (3G phones only). It only works with selected networks (BT EE and a few others) but O2 customers can download the TU Go App on their phone to get coverage also… as for the others, we’re working on it!

Rehearsal Recordings

Want to record your rehearsal at Rocking Horse??? We’ve recently bought some new gear (loads of DI boxes) and hooked up all four rooms to the studio, this enables us to record better quality rehearsal recordings! We will mic up everything as if it’s a live gig, i.e. kick, snare, bass, guitars and vocals direct to the studio, but you’ll still be able to rehearse using the PA for vocals. We’ve also created a template in Logic to make the whole editing/mixing process a lot quicker after your rehearsal so you can have a CD ready to go when you’re finished! The price is still £20 (on top of your rehearsal price) to record as many tracks as you want…

Rocking Horse Recordings Feature on

KYEO.TV published an article on our new record label, Rocking Horse Recordings LTD. You can read it here

Merry Christmas From Rocking Horse Rehearsal Rooms!!

Way back in July we had a party for the opening of our recording studio. We had bands, DJ’s and live wall drawing going on all night!

Oh yeah, we also got you all to sing your part on the classic xmas song ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ Neil (Rocking Horse’s sound engineer) then mixed it all down and polished it all up.

Well, seen as though Christmas is less a week away, we figured it was time to dig it out of the archives and release if for your enjoyment.

Admittedly it’s probably too late for a xmas number one but you can ‘like’ this and share as much as you want, especially if you’re singing on there.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Clive Aid Flyer

Live at Gluefactory

Here is The Girl From Winter Jargon live from Gluefactory on Friday night.


You can find more Winter Jargon here

Recording Studio is Now Open.


Some exciting news for all bands wanting quality recording at a reasonable price:

Our recording studio is now officially open. You can check out the studio here and Neil Combstock (aka. Frank de Jojo, Zero dB and The Oki Bass), our in house sound engineer’s CV here.

We look forward to seeing you there!

For more information please phone 0191 3860595 or email

Recording Studio

You may have noticed that are currently building our recording facilities here at Rocking Horse. We hope to have this open in a couple of weeks.

More details to follow…