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Mobile Phone Reception

Rocking Horse now has a mobile phone signal booster in the studio which finally means people should be able to get a reception! (3G phones only). It only works with selected networks (BT EE and a few others) but O2 customers can download the TU Go App on their phone to get coverage also… as for the others, we’re working on it!

Rehearsal Recordings

Want to record your rehearsal at Rocking Horse??? We’ve recently bought some new gear (loads of DI boxes) and hooked up all four rooms to the studio, this enables us to record better quality rehearsal recordings! We will mic up everything as if it’s a live gig, i.e. kick, snare, bass, guitars and vocals direct to the studio, but you’ll still be able to rehearse using the PA for vocals. We’ve also created a template in Logic to make the whole editing/mixing process a lot quicker after your rehearsal so you can have a CD ready to go when you’re finished! The price is still £20 (on top of your rehearsal price) to record as many tracks as you want…

Rehearsal Room 4 To Open This Week!!

We’re just putting the finishing touches to Rehearsal Room 4 and it will be open this week!!

Size wise it is somewhere between Rooms 1 and 2 (the small rooms) and Room 3 (the big one) and will be priced at £9 per hour on peak!


Rehearsal Room 3 is Nearly Complete!

Room 3















As you can see we are getting very close to completing Rehearsal Room 3. Hopefully this will be ready next week, which will coincide with our 1 year birthday. Room 3 is twice the size of our existing rooms!

Just let us know if you would like to rehearse in this room and we’ll automatically put you in there when its open. Prices are £10 an hour or £28 for 4 hours on peak and £7 an hour or £35 for 7 hours (10am-5pm weekdays, bank holidays not included).

We’ve put some photo’s that show the various stages of building Room 3 online. Just go to our Facebook page to take a look.

Rehearsal space available Wednesday and Thursday

We have plenty of space available Wednesday and Thursday night for rehearsals!

2 Hours Free Deal Now Extended Into June!

Due to popular demand our recommend a friend deal has been extended into June.

Recommend us to your friends and get 2 hours free practise. To claim the free hours, make sure your friend’s band write YOUR name and/or band name in the ‘where did you hear about us’ section on the membership form. Band’s can only be recommended by 1 person/band. Members only*. Unfortunately if you’re in more than one band, you can’t recommend your other band. Unlimited recommendations per member. Offer is for the month of June only.

* Are you a member? If you’ve practised at Rocking Horse and have filled out the membership form, then yes you are.


Weekend Rehearsal

We still have slots available Friday, Saturday and Sunday for rehearsal. Call us on 0191 3860595 or email

Rehearsal time available over the next few days.

We have rehearsal time available tomorrow (Wed) and Thursday night if you want to come in for a practise. We also have a few slots available over the weekend as well. Call us on 0191 3860595 or 07554 265040 or email