Rocking Horse Rehearsal Rooms

“Delightful Absurdities & Mangled Memories”


“Delightful Absurdities and Mangled Memories” is a collection of brand new, original hand drawn artwork from international artist Bruce Parker aka Brucey.

Brucey’s work is a chaotic, euphoric, light-hearted, nostalgic trip littered with familiar characters, brands and products past and present. All created using black and white paint markers to create an almost vectoresque high contrast style.

For this show Brucey has produced work with complex composition whilst still managing to remind the viewer of a so-called simpler time.

Anyone who attended Clive Aid or has been in our back room since, have been blown away by the live work Brucey did here. (Check out this picture if you haven’t seen it yet). If we can get time away from The Horse we will certainly be attending.

“Delightful Absurdities & Mangled Memories”