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“Delightful Absurdities & Mangled Memories”


“Delightful Absurdities and Mangled Memories” is a collection of brand new, original hand drawn artwork from international artist Bruce Parker aka Brucey.

Brucey’s work is a chaotic, euphoric, light-hearted, nostalgic trip littered with familiar characters, brands and products past and present. All created using black and white paint markers to create an almost vectoresque high contrast style.

For this show Brucey has produced work with complex composition whilst still managing to remind the viewer of a so-called simpler time.

Anyone who attended Clive Aid or has been in our back room since, have been blown away by the live work Brucey did here. (Check out this picture if you haven’t seen it yet). If we can get time away from The Horse we will certainly be attending.

“Delightful Absurdities & Mangled Memories”

Live at Gluefactory

Here is The Girl From Winter Jargon live from Gluefactory on Friday night.


You can find more Winter Jargon here

Stuff We Like

We’ve updated the Stuff We Like section of the website. By adding a short description alongside the links hopefully it’ll be easier to find other bands and things that your interested in.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, its basically a showcase of bands that come to Rocking Horse Rehearsal Rooms and people who have helped us out along the way. Please feel free to check each other out, get into some new music, make contacts and book each other for gigs, etc. The list (blogroll) is also in the left hand column, so you can access it from any page on the website. If you hover over the links a description pops up there too.

If your band hasn’t been included yet or you’ve changed address, etc. Send us an email or give us a shout next time your in the office and we’ll sort it out.

Room 1 Artwork By Rat Pasty

Rat Pasty Room 1

Some of you may have noticed some artwork in one of our rehearsal rooms. Well, anyone who has been in Room 1 will have noticed it. Its been a work in progress over the last few months, with the ideas morphing into something that we love. It’s been finished for a good few weeks now and the photo’s have now been posted on Rat Pasty’s blog.

You should not only check out the Rocking Horse Rehearsal Room wall but also make a cup of tea, sit back and have a look through his other work as well. Its all good stuff!!