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Here is a showcase of bands that come to Rocking Horse Rehearsal Rooms and people who have helped us out along the way. Please feel free to check each other out, get into some new music, make contacts and book each other for gigs, etc. The list (blogroll) is also in the right hand column, so you can access it from any page on the website. If you hover over the links a description pops up there too.

If your band hasn’t been included yet or you’ve changed address, etc. Send us an email at or give us a shout next time your in the office and we’ll sort it out.

Zero dB     A right royal mash-up of zero dB’s influences to date, musical, life and other – everything from dark, poignant hip-hop, through down and gritty hip-swaying BraziLatino dancefloor bangers, to beats they broke themselves, out and into laidback sunshine jazz – all built from the basslines up.

This Then     Formed in Durham in December 2010, ‘this then’ are a 2 piece experimental rock band, who defy their numbers to create an expansive atmospheric sound. Their intertwining guitars demonstrate an intuitive collaboration and their improvisational approach to songwriting often sees basic ideas coupled to progressive structures to create a full blown track. Sparse vocals overlay a complex web of other worldly sounds, warped guitar noise, and dynamic percussion.

Token     Alternative rock band from the North East.

Today The Sun Dies     Today the sun dies formed together in Feb 2010 in Newcaslte Upon Tyne. In such as short period of time the band have already created an Impact on the local and national seen alike. Feb 2011, the band featured a track on Terrorizer magazine taking the band to another level and moving onto competing in the Metal to the masses, Battle for Bloodstock finals. Done miss Today the sun dies live!     Empty Shop CIC is a non profit arts organisation in the North East of England. Based in Durham City we are dedicated to giving people in the region a much needed platform to produce, exhibit and view art – this comes in the form of the temporary use of vacant buildings turning them into usable art space for that short space of time. Empty Shop has a strong focus on regeneration and is committed to taking on medium to long term unoccupied buildings and using them in a positive way, benefiting all involved.

Rat Pasty     Rat Pasty is home to the collective artwork of Giancarlo Viglianisi and various pseudonyms.

The FishTank     The Fishtank is an intimate bar, café and venue in the physical, and cultural, heart of durham city. We offer something unique in Durham city, with a wide range of nights, presented by a wide range of driven and enthusiastic promoters.

Pelican Daughters     They may be sailing atop a beautiful ocean of shimmering hope, but the ship is fast sinking into troubled waters. Pelican Daughters bring you the sound of indie bilge-pop as they work desperately to clear the decks and purge their spirits of dark currents.

The Neon Jeffme Band     The Neon Jeff Me Band is the work of one man and that man is Ben Rafferty. He has been in other bands such as The Shambles, Sweet Henrietta, Teeth, Mandelson and Ziggurats and is currently in Pelican Daughters, The Zero Carbon Band and 100% Cotton.

Ronnie The Hat     Ronnie The Hat was hatched from his egg (on the moon) and was sent to earth for rizlas

The Guitar Loft     The Guitar Loft specialises in new and used Guitars, Basses, Amplifiers and Accessories and also provides tuition in Guitar, Bass and Vocals.


Zadok     Two Englishmen, a Scotsman, and an Irishman walk into a bar. The barman says “Are you the band Zadok?” We reply “F*ckin Rights man, let’s Rock!” With a classic rock line up of guitar, bass, keys, drums, and harmony vocals, ZADOK, the Northeast’s finest purveyors of Progressive Grunge-folk are available for everything from whimsical folk occurences in the meadow to remorseless all day prog grinds in the basement!

Kids Love Acid     Live laptop DJing with multi-touchscreen controller and other toys (4 hands, no edits, no overdubs).

Blue Gate Fields     A rock 5 piece who play a mixture of classic 60’s rock and all good music in between. The Doors, Pearl Jam, The Strokes, a great mixture of great music.

The Hostage Rescue Team     Their style of music varies through Guitar Orientated Rock. They also experiment with Piano and Orchestral sounds in their songs, as well as lots of different electronic keyboard/synth sounds. From what you have heard of this band so far, they can promise you that these are just small portions of the music they create as a band.

LYXX     Taking their influences from 70’s/80’s rock right through to the modern rock of today, LYXX bring you a lethal dose of sleazy lyrics, infectious riffs, thundering bass and pounding drums that will leave you begging for more!

End Reign     Hardcore/metal

Spectrum     Influenced by the likes of Free, Zeppelin and Hendrix; Spectrum formed in 2010 hailing from Durham, currently performing both covers and originals whilst establishing a reputation as a young upcoming band.

Hades     Angry as fuck.

Tom Gregory-Smith     Tom Gregory-Smith is a violinist who works in a wide range of musical styles, including classical, contemporary worship, folk, jazz and rock. He began playing the violin at the age of four, and was taught using the Suzuki Method, which now influences his own playing and teaching.

Ambershift     Dave Lord formed AMBERSHIFT in Jan 2007 as a new years resolution to get his act together. The name came from drinking sessions on the streets of Newcastle and the banks of the Tyne…

My Other Life     Described as “an un-earthed gem of a band lurking in the shadows of the North East” The multi talented James Clarke has teamed up with the similarly exciting abilities of Alex Main, Tim Andrews and Arman Esfandiari to form a piano rock/pop group of epic potential.

Brucey Art     Brucey creates monochrome, light-hearted, surreal artwork. His artwork tends to focus on characters that are trapped in a sea of familiar patterns, icons and objects. This creates an almost psychologists ink blot effect as it leads people to pick out the items that are most appropriate to them within each picture. The objects that appear in each piece are chosen either to follow a theme for that particular picture, or objects are added for the purpose of symbolism and metaphor. Brucey’s work is heavily influenced by pop culture and many of his recent works have clear references to movies, brands, television and games.

Paul X Johnson     Hi there, I am Paul X. Johnson. I make pictures. Sometimes people pay me to make pictures for them.

The Drum Shop     The Drum Shop have been in business now for over 20 years and are one of the leading suppliers of drum kits  cymbals and latin and samba percussion.

Girl From Winter Jargon     Winter Jargon belong to (or borrow from) the following musical/art genres:

Rock, Alternative, Grunge, Indie, Gypsy, Punk Cabaret, Dark Cabaret, Acoustic, alt-Classical, Pre-Raphaelite, world, jazz and prog.

Driven Serious     The influences, styles and musical development of the individual band members are truly eclectic, creating a sound that is lyrically driven, with high energy and soul. It would be easy to pigeon-hole Driven Serious into the Folk-Rock category, but the diversity of the percussion, acoustic and electric guitar, punk feel and poetic and sensitive sentiment of some of the songs always guarantees a journey for the audience.

Discount Horse Records     DIY Record Collective from Durham City.

Kinkyneurotic     Self Contained Duo/Recording Artists. Rock/pop

Metamusic     “Progressive rock group Metamusic, offered sublime harmonious guitar and keyboard melodies juxtaposed with jerky angular interjections.”……NARC….

Vortex     VORTEX are thrash/death metal band from Durham in the North East of England.


Dead of Night

This Years Love     The warm sound of This Years Love, on their soon to be released pop rock album ‘Take the Stage’, makes the first material to be heard by this group memorable.

Dennis     Dennis hail from the ex-pit town of Hetton, and are made up of eight friends and boast a brass section.

Musicstart     A new approach to music tuition in Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham and North East.

October Ends     With a vast amount of experience in song writing and performing in metal to hardcore music, October Ends shows no boundaries with their heavy breakdowns and powerful melodic lead sections.