Rocking Horse Rehearsal Rooms

Royal Wedding Free Zone.

Rocking Horse is proud to announce that we’re now an official ‘Royal Wedding Free Zone.’ So if your looking for somewhere to get away from it all then Rocking Horse is the place to be. We’ll be open all weekend (like every bank holiday) and all mention of the royal wedding will be banned.

Message boards are now live AND you can register!!

It was brought to our attention yesterday that a few of you couldn’t register. This has now been fixed and everyone should be free to log in. Let us know if you have anymore problems. Thanks

Message boards are now live

We have now installed our message boards. Hopefully this will be a great place to come and advertise your gigs and music, look for new band members and/or sell your old music equipment. There’s also an ‘off topic’ section to talk nonsense about any other subject.


We have a new deal for the month of April for all of our members. Recommend us to your friends and get 2 hours free practise. To claim the free hours, make sure your friend’s band write YOUR name and/or band name in the ‘where did you hear about us’ section on the membership form. Band’s can only be recommended by 1 person/band. Members only*. Unfortunately if you’re in more than one band, you can’t recommend your other band. Unlimited recommendations per member. Offer is for the month of April only.

* Are you a member? If you’ve practised at Rocking Horse and have filled out the membership form, then yes you are.

10AM – 5PM weekdays now only £25

New weekday daytime deal. That’s right, £25 for one offpeak 7 hour session.

Welcome to our new website

We’ve completely redesigned the website and moved servers for ease of use. We hope you like it. Hopefully it’ll now be fully compatible across all browsers.

Thanks go out to Ben for hosting the site on his PelServ free of charge for the last 6 months. Go and check out his band Pelican Daughters.

Website Under Construction

Our website is being redesigned and updated. Please bear with us.