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SON OF THE EARTH (aka Andrea Sturniolo) – FISHTANK – THURSDAY 16 August, 8pm – Free (donations welcome)

Another very short notice gig by someone on a bicycle tonight at the Fishtank!

“Andrea is a messenger of peace in a geographic and narrative journey started in Milan on the 1st of March 2012, adhering to the Day of Migrant Mobilization against the racism and for a universal citizenship, and it’ll get to the International Festival of Edinburgh on August 2012. Andrea is travelling on his BICYCLE spreading an environmental message along with charity purposes.


“Street-Music as a language that enhances the differences between places and people blending them in one only vibration stressed by the singing. Singing as breathing, bouncing in the loop-station and creating fluent and open tunes, music from live sampling, enriched by improvisation and the contribution of different artists stage after stage. A new story-teller, singing in italian, english, spanish, sicilian, african.. Breathe and voice as instruments for communication and sharing. The bicycle as a way to roam in the world, questions and their reflections to blossom again. A story about colours and jumps, that tells about a fantastic world, out of any fantasy, where everything freely flows: the Sleep Dancer and his friend El Samurai, a little roped puppet, Don Anacleto, the wise bonsai, duels to the fiber and brief eternal journeys, a warm breeze blowing like a carillon: ” Souls in the wild, Life in the raw be!”.”


“I’m not a name, i’m not a number, i’m not a symbol… I’m just a man, a creature… Son of the Earth.”


Description taken from the artist’s website.


This event is FREE.
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