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Waskerley Way / Cara Mitchell / Esperi – 30th September – Fishtank

DH presents –


Waskerley Way (Newcastle) –

Lo-fi dream pop from Newcastle – Michael Bridgewater forms lush sonic collages from an eclectic palette of samples from around the world, coupled with live clarinet and a healthy dose of West Durham charm.


Cara Mitchell (Aberdeen) –

16 year old singer-songwriter, Cara Mitchell is already causing a stir in her native Scotland and now she’s coming to Durham. A unique performer, not to be missed. FFO: Regina Spektor, Heathers


Esperi (Dundee) –

Esperi is Scottish multi-instrumentalist, Chris James Marr – Marr’s stunning electronic folk will appeal to fans of Mike Kinsella, múm and walking dogs on the beach.

30.09.12 – 8pm

Fishtank Durham


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