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Atic Atac feat. Flint and Steel plus DJ’s Zero dB / Polybius / Mark Springfield – Fishtank – 17th May – 10pm – Free


This month’s Atic Atac brings you Newcastle’s Flint and Steel, playing Uptempo Diplo Style Jamaican Dancehall and UK Bass!! Plus Funk, Soul, Hip Hop, House, Drum & Bass, Dubstep and Electro, Jazz…

DJ’s: Zero dB (Ninja Tune Records / Tru Thoughts)

Polybius (Head Unit / Lazy Dave)

Mark Springfield (Chesterfield’s very own Disco King)

Expect Hip Hop, Funk, Soul, Disco, Nu Jazz, Reggae, Dub and pretty much anything with a dirty bassline!

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Rocking Horse Recordings Feature on

KYEO.TV published an article on our new record label, Rocking Horse Recordings LTD. You can read it here

Mid Life Crisis Tour

22th December – The Angel

JOHNNY FOREIGNER / PLAYLOUNGE / MARTHA / SHIT’S FREAKY CLUB PRESENT – Fishtank – Thursday, 11 October 2012 – £5 (£6 door)




So we managed to get Johnny Foreigner in the middle of their UK tour, who thought that was ever gonna happen?

They’ve recently released a 12″ of Johnny Foreigner vs Everything and it’s mint!



Awesome London two-peice, if you haven’t heard them before you can download their EP Kitten Frenzy for free.

(It’s class when bands let you download their stuff for free.)



Local heartthrob supergroup.


After the bands we’re gonna DJ into the early hours with the usual Shit’s Freaky shite.




£6 on the door

£5 advanced


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Martha / T-Shirt Weather / Plus More – Arlington House, Durham – Saturday, 25 August, 7pm – £5

So – unfortunately, Defiance Ohio have been forced to cancel their European tour due to visa problems – There will still be a show and they’re working on a bill.

Discount Horse Records and the Equestrian Collective presents…

Martha (Durham)

Punks from Pity Me played pop songs. Joining Defiance, Ohio on tour. For fans of The Beautiful South and Dirtnap Records.

Some Sort of Threat (Exeter)

Political Anti-folk from the South Coast – Also on tour with Defiance, Ohio – For fans of ONSIND and Billy Bragg.

25th August 2012 – 19:30

Alington House, North Bailey, Durham

£5 on the door


Respect the space – Respect each other.



Vegan Treats from One Flew Over The Coffee Cup

Record Distros

Zine Stalls

poster by Morning Skyrail –

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Jam Jah featuring ‘This Then’ – Arlington House – Friday, 24 August 2012, 8pm – £4

Jam Jah This Then


JJ’s back with a summer spectacular. This month they’re featuring a live set from mysterious local outfit ‘This Then’ Plus Jam Jah DJ selections and very special late night dj guests.

More info coming soon.

All this plus the ever present high quality, low cost Jam Jah Bar

£4 on the door


This Then

Earl P

Revolve Upstream

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Esperi / Turtle Lamone / Ferret Legs – Fishtank – Wednesday, 22 August 8pm – £3

Discount Horse Records and the Equestrian Collective Presents…

Esperi (Dundee) –

Esperi is Chris Lee-Marr, an incredible one-person multi-instrumentalist from north of the border. Indie-folk FFO Owen, Múm

Turtle Lamone (Edinburgh) –

Piano punk from Edinburgh – on tour with Esperi. FFO Daniel Vs. the World, World Inferno Friendship Society

Ferret Legs (Newcastle) –

Shy kid plays folk songs. Member of Pale Kids, Raytex Horse Whisperers. FFO Recess



Bring £3 to get in – Touring bands.

Doors at 8pm


More info here

SON OF THE EARTH (aka Andrea Sturniolo) – FISHTANK – THURSDAY 16 August, 8pm – Free (donations welcome)

Another very short notice gig by someone on a bicycle tonight at the Fishtank!

“Andrea is a messenger of peace in a geographic and narrative journey started in Milan on the 1st of March 2012, adhering to the Day of Migrant Mobilization against the racism and for a universal citizenship, and it’ll get to the International Festival of Edinburgh on August 2012. Andrea is travelling on his BICYCLE spreading an environmental message along with charity purposes.


“Street-Music as a language that enhances the differences between places and people blending them in one only vibration stressed by the singing. Singing as breathing, bouncing in the loop-station and creating fluent and open tunes, music from live sampling, enriched by improvisation and the contribution of different artists stage after stage. A new story-teller, singing in italian, english, spanish, sicilian, african.. Breathe and voice as instruments for communication and sharing. The bicycle as a way to roam in the world, questions and their reflections to blossom again. A story about colours and jumps, that tells about a fantastic world, out of any fantasy, where everything freely flows: the Sleep Dancer and his friend El Samurai, a little roped puppet, Don Anacleto, the wise bonsai, duels to the fiber and brief eternal journeys, a warm breeze blowing like a carillon: ” Souls in the wild, Life in the raw be!”.”


“I’m not a name, i’m not a number, i’m not a symbol… I’m just a man, a creature… Son of the Earth.”


Description taken from the artist’s website.


This event is FREE.
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Atic Atac – Fishtank – 17th August – 10pm – Free


Rocking Horse’s next event:

Zero Db (Ninja Tune Records) Lazy Dave (Rocking Horse) and soon TBC bring you another night of Hip Hop / Funk / Soul / Jazz / Reggae / Dub

*”If you can’t dance to this, there’s something wrong with you!”

*Quote credit goes to Neil Combstock, drunk, sometime in the last few weeks.

More info here

YOUNG ATTENBOROUGH / GNARWOLVES – Sunday, 12 August – Fishtank – £3


As part of their joint tour together, Young Attenborough and Gnarwolves are playing in Durham.

Young Attenborough

Gearing up to release a split with wegrowbeards, Young Attenborough play fast-paced clever pop-punk. We saw them in Southampton and did loads of karaoke. Jay has a nice hawaiian shirt. FFO: High Dive, wegrowbeards, Mega Games.


Gnarwolves are a pop-punk band from brighton. Their new release ‘CRU’ is getting hammered and repeated by everyone I know. Everyone should be excited to see this band. FFO: Above Them, The Arteries, Dividers.

+ 1 tbc

3 quid in for touring bands!


Red Stripe £2.50

Single w/ mixer £2.50

Irn Bru £1

Quatre-Back Cheese Burger Crisps 20p

Come down and support your local DIY mates.

Cheers! Come down and have a laugh!

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