Rocking Horse Rehearsal Rooms

Clive Aid

Rocking Horse Rehearsal Rooms invite you to a very special event to celebrate the opening of their new recording studio in Durham city. There’s a whole host of amazing shit going on including live music, live drawing, DJs and a very special collaborative recording of Band Aid’s ‘Do they know it’s christmas?’ which we’d like to invite anyone and everyone to participate in!

If you’re a musician come down in the afternoon to record¬†your part of the song which will act as a backing track for every person who attends the party to lay down a vocal on that most famous of charity singles. Consider yourself an aspiring star? This event could be for you! A drunk who likes to hog the mic? This event is DEFINITELY for you!

Don’t forget this will be professionally mastered in the brand new recording studio so remember to make friends with Rocking Horse Rehearsal Rooms or Empty Shop on facebook to find out when it’s available to download!

More details announced as and when but if you know someone called Clive who’s in need of a bit of help point him in Clive Aid’s direction!

Check out the Clive Aid facebook page for more information, such as confirmation of bands, as it happens.