Rocking Horse Rehearsal Rooms

*READ THIS IF YOU ARE BOOKED IN NEXT WEEK* Lumiere Festival and Frankland Lane Closure.

It’s Lumiere time folks! So Durham is going to be rammed from Wednesday to Sunday next week, which means it’s gonna get a whole lot more difficult for you lot to get into Rocking Horse.  “That’s ok!” you say, “we’ll just set off a bit earlier than usual.”  That’s a good idea, but just to make things more fun for you, the council have closed off our main access road during our peak hours (after 4pm) and the only way in is down a steeply inclined, single lane, cobbled side road, which can only be accessed from one side of a dual carriageway.  “That sounds like a fun adventure!” you say, well… let the fun begin.  The street is called “Sidegate” and it’s basically an easy to miss left turn (just after you go under the railway bridge) when coming down Framwelgate Peth (the main road into town from the Hospital).  “What the hell are you talking about!” you say, good question, I’m having trouble describing it so I paid a small child to draw this picture, hope it helps.

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 21.13.49