Rocking Horse Rehearsal Rooms

North East Guitar Show

Look out for the Rocking Horse Stall at the North East Guitar Show on 13th of March, the event will be taking place at Rainton Meadows Arena in Houghton.


Christmas opening info

Rocking Horse with be open the following days over the Christmas and New Year period:

Up to 23rd of Dec. OPEN

Christmas eve CLOSED

Christmas day CLOSED

Boxing day CLOSED

Sun. 27th – Wed 30th of Dec. OPEN

New years eve CLOSED

New years day CLOSED

From 2nd Jan. OPEN

*READ THIS IF YOU ARE BOOKED IN NEXT WEEK* Lumiere Festival and Frankland Lane Closure.

It’s Lumiere time folks! So Durham is going to be rammed from Wednesday to Sunday next week, which means it’s gonna get a whole lot more difficult for you lot to get into Rocking Horse.  “That’s ok!” you say, “we’ll just set off a bit earlier than usual.”  That’s a good idea, but just to make things more fun for you, the council have closed off our main access road during our peak hours (after 4pm) and the only way in is down a steeply inclined, single lane, cobbled side road, which can only be accessed from one side of a dual carriageway.  “That sounds like a fun adventure!” you say, well… let the fun begin.  The street is called “Sidegate” and it’s basically an easy to miss left turn (just after you go under the railway bridge) when coming down Framwelgate Peth (the main road into town from the Hospital).  “What the hell are you talking about!” you say, good question, I’m having trouble describing it so I paid a small child to draw this picture, hope it helps.

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 21.13.49

Goodbye and thank you Dave.

Today Rocking Horse said goodbye to one of it’s founders, he’s been a big part of the creation of this place and his contribution through tough times will always be remembered. A big thank you to Dave, and I wish you much success on your new ventures.  Rich.IMG_3762_2

BBC Competition


NCS Recording Project

Last week Rocking Horse had the pleasure of hosting a group of youngsters from the National Citizen Service.  Over 3 days with us, they wrote, rehearsed and recorded an original song in our studio. It will be featured in a short film they are creating, with the hope of raising awareness of depression in teenagers.


Milburngate Bridge closures 12th of July – 30th of August.

Durham council have decided to strengthen Milburngate Bridge over the Wear(the one between the Gala Theatre and The Gates Shopping Centre), this will mean anyone travelling to Rocking Horse in the next month and a half will face severe delays in the City Centre. It looks like the bridge will be closed completely on several evenings over this period which will mean some pretty major diversions for many of you on those nights. The council have a page with up to date info about the bridge at:
Feel free to give us a call or send us an email if you need any advice about travel over this period, we’ll help you as best we can, watch this space for more infoScreen Shot 2015-07-08 at 11.50.06.

Mobile Phone Reception

Rocking Horse now has a mobile phone signal booster in the studio which finally means people should be able to get a reception! (3G phones only). It only works with selected networks (BT EE and a few others) but O2 customers can download the TU Go App on their phone to get coverage also… as for the others, we’re working on it!

Rehearsal Recordings

Want to record your rehearsal at Rocking Horse??? We’ve recently bought some new gear (loads of DI boxes) and hooked up all four rooms to the studio, this enables us to record better quality rehearsal recordings! We will mic up everything as if it’s a live gig, i.e. kick, snare, bass, guitars and vocals direct to the studio, but you’ll still be able to rehearse using the PA for vocals. We’ve also created a template in Logic to make the whole editing/mixing process a lot quicker after your rehearsal so you can have a CD ready to go when you’re finished! The price is still £20 (on top of your rehearsal price) to record as many tracks as you want…

Band Required on Friday for It’s A Blinder 3 at the Angel

It’s A Blinder 3, in aid of Alington House visual impairment group, are looking for a band to play their charity event at the Angel on Friday 8th May.

Unfortunately one of the bands has pulled out, so they’re looking for a band to step in and help raise funds for their events and activities. Preferably willing to share a drum kit with No Ditchin’ who are on first. Need to be able to play for about 3 quarters of an hour and the fee will go to the collection pot.

For more information please call Fiona on 07855 451 889